About Us

David and Jenny

David and Jenny Cane have always been keen gardeners.

David and Bill Cane

David’s love of gardening came from his father, Bill Cane. Bill was a botanist and propogated many Austalian native plants, most notably Banksia canei, Callistemon ‘Father Christmas’, Correa ‘Clearview Giant’, Leptospermum ‘Clearview Fairy’, and the Clearview Grevilleas David, John and Robin. Many of these natives can be seen in David and Jenny’s garden today.

Jenny’s love of gardening started as a young child in central Victoria. She had her very own garden patch, and spent many hours tending it.Her Mum’s love of gardening was an inspiration to her.

The bare block in 1982 - the houe is now surrounded by 3 acres of garden

David and Jenny moved to Providence Ponds in 1982. When they purchased the property, the 10 acres of land was mostly bare, consisting only of their log cabin house, a small shed ,one huge Manna Gum, and a few small trees and plants. This was the perfect clean slate to start their garden.

David and Jenny started planting their garden using Australian natives but the drought, frosts, rabbits, and sandy acid soil made it very difficult. Using their extensive plant knowledge and a lot of persistence, the garden began to grow and over the years expanded and has blossomed into what it is today.

The garden started as a 1-acre block, but has been expanded twice (once in 2003, and then again in 2007), and now covers over 3 acres. The addition of a water bore in 2007 meant that they could also begin to incorporate many non-natives into the garden.

Get lost in the meandering paths through the garden

David and Jenny’s aim was to create a garden in which you can get lost, and find new views and garden types around each corner. They also wanted to be able to have some flowers in the garden at all times of the year.

Today the garden is still developing and changing, and David and Jenny are always looking at ways to add new plants and structures to the garden. They hope that that their garden brings as much enjoyment to their visitors as it does for them.